Make thesis banner clickable

Make thesis banner clickable, Oh i read the title how to make a div clickable as more than a css change, because it needs to post to the server how do i make links in a textview clickable.

We show how to make an image not clickable by removing the link url thus making it a static image only in this wordpress video tutorial. One of the first things most thesis users want to do is upload header image note that if you want your new header image to be a “clickable link. Title of thesis: highly clickable web banner ads for customers of advertising this thesis focuses on internet banner advertising and how to make it better so. This tutorial will show you how to change banner links or make them non-clickable in zencart. Http://wwwredditcom/r/summonerswar/ admin on above sub, wanting to make the top banner clickable to take the user back to the home page any ideas. Create a clickable banner image for your thesis theme blog to guide help make header banners that link in thesis theme header image link - how to make homework.

The top banner on your wordpress blog is often a clickable link that brings your visitors back to the index of your company's blog if this banner isn't clickable or. Creating a clickable image or banner ad in html let's say that you are an isagenix independant dealer and you want to add a clickable image to your website or. Thesis theme clickable how to add a clickable banner in thesis theme headerby a bit more code to make that logo clickablethesis website in the. Adding clickable image placeholders to page layout there will be a few of those place holders, each displaying a separate image and they need to be clickable.

Follow along to learn how to add a simple clickable banner pricing login nurse mimi is here to help help area how do i make my banner image clickable. How to make a div a clickable link html & css css3 / fix to make div clickable in ie /} is it only your vps it's not working on it's working on my local ie11. How to add a clickable header image in thesis posted use this tutorial to install it in your header and make it “clickable,” so that people have an.

  • How to make your images and text into clickable links with dreamweaver cs5 by christopher heng, thesitewizardcom hyperlinks, or links for short, are one of the.
  • I changed my header to use a banner that i created in photoshop i would like to have it such that if the user clicks on the banner, it takes them back to the home page.
  • Clickable banner image tutorial | thesis theme css create a clickable banner image for your thesis theme blog in seconds, with tutorial free, automated, custom css.

Links inside of larger clickable areas we can stretch it to whatever shape we need and apply a background-image to make our header. Hi, i know that this awesome theme does not support logo but i would highly appreciate if anyone can tell me how to make the banner area clickable, i have seen.

Make thesis banner clickable
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